Friday, November 21, 2008

mask of the whale

is it the force itself, or just a mask for something larger, more evil?
i think the evil is projected from ourselves... (hence the man-whale) :3
it started as simply a mask, then metamorphosed into something different. the product of a discussion of melville's symbols in moby dick, relating to emersonian philosophy.

part of a series. i'm working with some other ideas too, relating to the same subject!
aldo leopold's concept of interconnectedness, aesthetic quality (with relation to mary austin, a little muir), and emerson's ideas collected in his essay discipline, which has meant much to me.

anyone out there? i would love to hear what you all think once in a while; although i'm not entirely sure how this blog thing works, and if just anybody can comment. oh well! :)


Anonymous said...

I feel honored to have seen this sketch in progress. Kind of trippy, but cool nonetheless.

jenn said...

haha, wait till you see leopold...