Tuesday, March 3, 2009

F. terranycteridae

It's been almost a month... school has been destroying me. I've been getting worse grades than I have ever earned, and it's frustrating!

This ^ is a mammal i just made up over the last month. It is of the family 'terranycteridae' - terra meaning, 'of the earth' and nycteris, 'bat forme'. it uses echolocation to find prey. it quite literally screams its head off while running after you. :) I'm not sure why i gave it bicusped canines or procumbent lower incisors, but we'll just go with it for now.

I've only gone through half a sketchbook since early february (as opposed to one every week and a half) if that gives anyone any scope of how much time i have had to myself. Don't give up on me, if i haven't kept in touch - jenn is in survival mode :<

I hope you all are well, if you are reading this!


sarah said...

Aw man, I'm sorry things are kind of shitty.

I know you will be fine though, you're Jenn!

Also, if you're bored you can always draw me my own species. Because I think this is pretty awesome.

jenn said...

yeah, life will turn out (i hope!)

what kind of mammal would you like? i have no ideas of my own lately, so this might help me out.

Sarah said...


Something as lazy as a big cat but with sneaky rodent qualities. I don't know, you're the artist, man! Go craaaaazy.