Saturday, September 12, 2009

commission info

I've always felt really (really) weird about asking for money for my stupid crappy doodles. But, since I have come upon hard times, and my rabbit is eating me out of house and home (he actually eats my money if i leave it out), i figure it wouldn't hurt to put myself out there and see if anyone would be crazy enough to buy a sketch or two.

So, here's the deal. I have the prices listed (i can be flexible), and examples of most of them above - either that I have done as commissions for other people, for contests, for fun. The examples are pretty old, I haven't done anything recently - so expect better quality work. If you have questions/are interested in helping me out, email, comment, call, text, send telepathic messages, whatever.

Pencil sketch (single character, no background) - $10
Pencil sketch (with background) - $20
Inked drawing (no bkgrd) - $25 (w/background, it depends ~ $35)
Digital coloured/inked drawing (photoshop) - $35
Acrylic painting (depending on size, subject, and canvas quality) - $20-$150
Felt stuffed animals (whatever you want!) - $10-$30 depending on size

Everything depends on size, subject, and time spent. I don't like drawing portraits of people - that would be a more expensive commission than something i enjoy doing. If i'm really into the idea, I have fun, and will get it done quicker (therefore cheaper! yay!). That said, I'm not sure anyone will go for this, but I WOULD REALLY LOVE YOU IF YOU DID!

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