Tuesday, September 15, 2009

it's toshi #1: hello

hello everyone. jenn is busy today and tomorrow, so i will update the blog for the next couple of days.
if you don't know, my name is toshi, and i am a rabbit. i live in a cage in jenn's room that i decorated myself. i live with two other humans and a dog called charlie
i drew a picture of it so you can see.

i have read some of a blog called 'heypais' (you can google it) and i thought it would be okay to draw some comics about my life as a rabbit. maybe you'll like them.

this is a picture of me and of jenn too. thank you for reading!


Nikki said...

so, when is toshi going to get his own blog?

jenn said...

maybe he'll just take mine... i wasn't a good blogger anyway. :/