Saturday, September 12, 2009

sad bunny

^ cell/molec lecture notes, 9/8 (lol touchpad skills)
that class is just WONDERFUL!
(internet sarcasm)

HEY! long time, no update. Here's what's up!

Classes are manageable so far - life is good! Well, except for the fact that I'm BROKE! it really sucks, and I'm working on getting a second job (as well as a veterinary volunteer-ing thing). So we'll see if that works out. I don't have a whole lot to upload in the way of sketches, but what i do have i'll get to scanning tomorrow.

Is anyone still even watching this blog anymore? shout out if you are, just out of curiosity...

And finally, the shameless plug! As I said before, I am hopelessly broke, so I will be posting commission info after this update. I have no inspiration, AND no money, so your ideas will help me AND you (right? of course i am!)!


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